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Sikelele is a business institute which fosters the ideals of entrepreneurship and wellness.

Sikelele has two branches:

  • One branch is situated in the heart of the Cape Town CBD
  • A branch is situated at the Watershed at the V & A Waterfront. At this Sikelele branch we specialize in Shiatsu and a range of organic products.

The focus of Sikelele lies in the following areas:

  • Wellness: Healing Arts by wellness practitioners
  • Health: Locally sourced health and organic products
  • Craft: Abstract Art, mosaic mirrors
  • Clothing: African inspired t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, caps, hats and locally produced cardigans.

Shiatsu has put him in a better space to express himself creatively – Gurjeet


Gujeet Dhillon


Background History of Founder Gurjeet Dhillon

Sikelele health and wellness centre is situated in the heart of Cape Town Cbd. We offer professional treatments ranging from gentle Reiki and Swedish massage to Reflexology, Shiatsu and deep tissue massage. At Sikelele we strive to deliver the best experience a treatment has to offer. All our therapists are fully qualified in various modalities. It’s founder Gurjeet S Dhillon has been practicing shiatsu, massage and Reiki at the V&A Waterfront since the year 2000. We have a store in the Watershed wellness shed in the V & A Waterfront where we offer: Shiatsu, Reiki and stock Organic products.

However it was always Gurjeet’s dream to expand and create something special in the city central area, because most of our clientele are professional people who work in and around the central city.

About Gurjeet Dhillon

At the age of 21, Gurjeet came to South Africa in 1994 from Punjab in North India. He came to South Africa looking to build a future. Knowing that to be successful, one has to work hard; Gurjeet has proven that hard work pays off in the end! He now runs two successful Businesses; one branch at the Watershed at the V & A Waterfront and a Flagship store situated in the heart of the Cape Town at Waldorf Arcade near Greenmarket Square.

sk_wellness_signboardfor him, the best part of all is that Gurjeet  is doing more than just to sustain himself, he is doing something that he loves. After working in the clothing industry for 5 years learning hand painting and printing, he followed his dream to learn Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy technique originating from Japan. It follows similar principles to Chiropractic or Western Massage using Anatomy and Physiology. Working with Meridians and pressure points, the therapist uses fingers and palms to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body, thereby correcting imbalances.

In 1999, Gurjeet enrolled himself at the Cape Town Academy of Shiatsu. He believed he was in the right space of mind to take on this responsibility and says “I have never looked back, I love Shiatsu and I enjoy every minute of it.”

sand-garden-croppedHe says that the Shiatsu treatment is more that a massage. It is a natural healing process that incorporates many elements like pressure points, energy lines and oriental diagnostic techniques. By working on pressure points to relieve tension and stress, the therapy also helps stimulate the immune system thereby harnessing the natural healing power of the body.

Gurjeet finds that Shiatsu allows for an interactive relationship between him and his clients. He gets to know his clients building lasting relationships with them. Since he started working at the Waterfront Craft Market & Wellness Centre in March 2000, his clients have become an important part of his life. Emphasis is placed on educating them on the importance of conscious health and body maintenance.


Shiatsu is also a preventative therapy that deals with energetic imbalances before they become a problem. The treatment does not require you to take off your clothes. It makes it easier for people of different cultures to experience the benefits of a healing therapy. Done either seated or lying down, Shiatsu is suitable for all ages and helps heal many ailments like:

  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Recurring Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Back Pain

Gurjeet says that Shiatsu has put him in a better space to express himself creatively, and explore different avenues. He has participated in various events and exhibitions and has been showcased on Cape Talk and Top Billing.

Seeing endless opportunity before him, he has not been afraid to take a chance to further himself. Source: Renaissance Magazine 2006